You can take a picture of something you see. In the future where will I be? – Coldplay


Rule of Thirds – Day 5 (Photo101/Blogging 101)


On my way home this evening after traveling all day in miserable weather, my wife and I stopped by The Phoenix for dinner and a chance to listen to Bradford and Jessica. We enjoyed the Chef’s Special dinner. A Jamaican Jerk Pork Tenderloin served with Chipotle Pear Chutney, Smoked Gouda Mashed Potatoes, and Fried Brussel Sprouts! We paired it with a bottle of Leyda Single Vineyard Pinot Noir! What a welcome home my wife surprised me with after 6 days on the road!

Bliss? -Day 4 (Photo101/Blogging101)

My "blissful" morning in Teterboro!

My “blissful” morning in Teterboro!

Today’s Photo101 suggestion to help in ideas to photograph is to find something that reminds you of “bliss”. Since my blog deals mostly with my travels and thoughts along the way and this being the view out my window this morning, I’m not feeling real “bliss” right now. Especially as today is my travel day home! Someone teleport me back to Los Cabos! Then we can talk a little more about being “blissful”!

Los Cabos to New York – Day 3


After such a long day yesterday and not getting to bed till …. let’s just say I didn’t see the sunrise this morning. However, the view from my hotel room mid morning was not too shabby! Didn’t get to stick around very long to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery but I did take some advantage of the time I did have and pointed my camera in a couple different directions after a late breakfast on the veranda over looking the water.

If you couldn’t tell I also decided to make this a color day with my photographs as I’m a big fan of blue! I may have also found a new “logo” or background for a card that I captured before checking out of the hotel. Anyway, I’m using it for my new profile picture over at my FaceBook site.


Haven’t decided upon a proper caption for the image above but maybe in a day or two something will come to mind.

Then it was back to the “office” and a trip to the New York area arriving this evening as it was just beginning to rain. I go home tomorrow and what I thought would have been a nice leisurely airline flight from the west coast will not turn in to serious weather issues tomorrow up here in the NorthEast.


View of the Moon rising from the “office” window @ 43,000′.



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