You can take a picture of something you see. In the future where will I be? – Coldplay


Is this place really “Open”?


Been kinda feeling like a few of the characters that are drawn on this window of our favorite pet store. We stopped by the other day to buy more food for our pooch. As I was sitting in the car I decided to make a photograph out the front windshield.

Its been too long since I’ve posted anything. Like I said above been feeling a little bit like some of the above characters. Not sure if I’ve really been open and then you have what looks like two that are trying to run away. Yet one is trying to snooze and the last one is just trying to get my attention.

Sometimes I guess we get in a rut and find it challenging to pull oneself up out of it. Then, of course, find the means to dust yourself off and realize, you know what’s the big deal? I sometimes feel guilty that I haven’t posted anything for a few days yet I’m still making photographs most everyday. My camera is always with me.

A Week in Savannah


I’ve been here in Savannah for my semi-annual recurrent training and haven’t been out shooting enough this week do to my schedule.  However, I did manage to get in a couple hour walk the other day.  The weather here hasn’t been terrific but its now snowing so I shouldn’t have anything to complain about.


The Hotel View

I normally stay in the Hyatt Regency Hotel down on the waterfront but there must not have been rooms available. So I’ve been in the Courtyard Marriott this week. A place I haven’t stayed before while attending training. I’ve been coming to Savannah for recurrent training since 1995.


Sushi Zen

First night here a group of us went to the Sushi Zen restaurant and enjoyed a great meal.

Then of course there’s the Crystal Beer Parlor that I hadn’t been to before either. In fact, I ate there two of the evenings I’ve been here this past week.


Crystal Beer Parlor


Homeward Bound


Los Angeles International Airport

It seems to never fail that I will end my 7 day rotation somewhere on the other side of the planet from where I live. Usually the day before my last day I end up on the west coast. Of course that’s where I am now. I took a few snaps this morning.


I’m sleeping


My wingman is only on day 3 and he’s on his way to another airport to crew another jet but we did have a chance to grab some breakfast together. This was my new obligatory hotel door shot.


The view from my hotel near Woodland Hills


Fortunately, being in the Los Angeles and having to travel in the traffic on a weekend is usually not as severe as through the week. But then this morning there’s a light drizzle happening. You would think most people here had seen it rain before or at least they don’t reflect that in their driving skills.


My limo ride


You know I don’t think I’ve ever seen the LA Airport not busy. Maybe I should request to fly the red eye just to see if its just as busy in the middle of the night around here.




Ok, time to reverse the negative thoughts and put on the my positive face. I really have nothing to complain about. I keep reminding myself that its just a journey and one must sit back and enjoy life as it passes by.


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