You can take a picture of something you see. In the future where will I be? – Coldplay




“Diana” is the statue that rests atop the hill that overlooks the Biltmore Estate. For some reason I’ve never thought to stand behind her and shoot with the “castle” in the background. Yesterday the sun was shining with nary a cloud in the sky. Of course for the photographer, this is the worst time of day to be out shooting “landscape” photos but I knew that this would make an OK black and white.

The challenge was getting the shot without any people and the exposure correct. My camera can be a real challenge in bright daylight. The camera’s sensor doesn’t have any issues its just you can’t see anything on the LCD in bright daylight when wanting to review what you’ve shot. I’m not trying to make any excuses but my camera is 7 year old technology as its based off the Leica M9 which was introduced almost 6 years ago. That means the LCD is at least that old.

I also shoot RAW+JPG where the JPG file is set to Black & White. In this way when I do view the image’s histogram I have the review set to also see whether the highlights have been blown or the shadows too dark. What I’ve learned over the last two and half years is I can recover quite a bit of detail out of the shadows and I shoot to protect the highlights if I want to see detail there.

I the photograph above I was able make this one after the third shot by adjusting the shutter in 1/2 stops to ensure I could get detail in the highlights and yet keep a smooth transition from the shadow areas and see detail in Diana too.

Table for Two


I made it home yesterday as the best chauffeur in the world, my wife, met me at the airport. We decided to grab a quick bite before heading home to Brevard. On our way there we learned that our favorite “bartender” was working his magic at “The Inn at Brevard” and mutually agreed to stop in and say hello.

We ended up spending a few hours there talking to some of the clientele who were in town visiting. The bar area is very cozy and the home is very warm and inviting. As I looked around through the house the early evening light streaming through the large windows in the dining area caught my attention. I feel this view of a “table for two” reveals the hospitality that awaits the patron.

Too Many Time Zones


I’m sitting here in the Newark International Airport on my way home via United Airlines. Yesterday I spent the day in recovery from a quick out and back from the states to the London, UK area. Its not that its such a long flight, but I’ve crossed the Atlantic more times than I want to count over the past month or so.

Upon arrival back to our hotel here in the states it was interesting that we were the only soles in the club. So service was not an issue and after only one beer it was time to hit the sack.

While in the hotel yesterday I finally got through many photos I haven’t processed that have been sitting on my desktop for the past few months. Its interesting how one goes through the ups and downs in maintaining an active site and sometimes feeling guilty about not posting this or that.

Its crossed my mind a couple times what is the meaning of all these images sitting on my computer? Who is really interested in seeing this “stuff”. I guess I can say this blog is almost like my public journal on my travels and I can feel good that I do have a place to share my experiences while out on the road.

So as my body says to self: “Last call dude!”



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