You can take a picture of something you see. In the future where will I be? – Coldplay


Budapest in Three Hours


I’m sitting here in Lisbon wondering where all the time has gone. But I had a few moments after returning to the hotel this evening to post these photographs I made yesterday late afternoon/early evening while in Budapest. I was hoping we would have had another day to visit but things change at a moment’s notice more often than not in my line of work.

Shooting the “Shooter” – Budapest


Alex the “Shooter”

Wanted to share this photo I made of Alex (from Paris) while he was making a photograph of the “Budapest Parliament” building. He didn’t know I was making a photograph of him but afterwards introduced myself and said that I would share this photo of him. I gave him my card and am waiting on a response. We’ll see.



How quickly things change in this job!  Haven’t had a chance to process the photographs I made yesterday while in Budapest.  However, I hope to later this evening.  I’m now in Lisbon, Portugal.  Not sure what I’m going to see as I lived here over 10 years ago and me meet a couple friends here that I haven’t seen since then.

Or …..


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